DEADHEAD® Rum is born from a blend of pure sugar cane juice and rich molasses. Sugar cane is crushed, and the juice is boiled in order to extract crystallized sugar. What remains is molasses, which retains about 50% of the sugar from the cane juice; this is the basis for the entire rum-making process. We use the finest molasses available to ensure consistent fermentation.

To the west of the port of Veracruz, its snow covered peak is visible to ships approaching the port in the Gulf of Mexico, and at dawn rays of sunlight strike the Pico while Veracruz still lies in shadow.

The Pico overlooks the valley and city of Orizaba, from which it gets its name. The volcano is also known as Poyautécatl which means, "The ground that reaches the clouds.”

The journey of our water takes seven years to flow from the snow covered cap of Pico de Orizaba ­– the highest volcanic peak in North America, down to the 300 meters deep well beneath our distillery.

DEADHEAD® rum is crafted with supreme attention to detail. We start with the purest glacial waters, carefully remove extraneous materials, after which the water is neutralized by reversed osmosis. We dilute the molasses to prepare it for fermentation.

Slightly off the beaten track on the Caribbean coast lies the state of Veracruz known for its deep caves, high mountains, abundant rainfall and fertile, lush sugar cane plantations. Tropical Veracruz is a city with a Caribbean soul, feisty rhythms, feisty people, fierce sunshine and beautiful spirited madness. Famous for its sugar cane plantations, Veracruz is recognized as the cradle of high-quality rum due to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and its warm trade winds – it is where DEADHEAD® Rum is born.