Vodquila On The Rocks:
2 Oz Vodquila, Ice, Lime Wedge.
Rock Glass, Fill with Ice, Pour Vodquila on the Ice, Squeeze Lime and Stir.

Red Eye Louie’s:
2 Oz. Vodquila, 3 Oz Cranberry Juice, Lime Cordial, Black Olives
Rock Glass, Fill with Ice, Pour Vodquila, Add Cranberry Juice and Cordial, Stir, Garnish with Black Olives and a Lime Wedge.

Vodquila Sunrise:
1.5 Oz Vodquila, 3 Oz Orange Juice, 1 Oz Grenadine.
Highball Glass, Fill with Ice, Pour Vodquila Add Orange Juice, Stir, Add Grenadine and Garnish with a Lime Wedge.

Vodquila Tonic:
1.5 Oz Vodquila, 3.5 Oz Tonic Water Or Sprite, 2 Lime Wedges.
Highball Glass, Fill with Ice, Squeeze Lime Wedge, Add Vodquila and Tonic Water, Stir, Garnish with Lime Wedge.

Vodquila Bloody Mary:
1.5 Oz Vodquila, Spicy Bloody Mary Mix, Lime And Olives.
Pint Glass, Fill with Ice Add Vodquila and Bloody Mary Mix Stir Well Garnish with Lime Wedge and Olives.  

Vodquila Seabreeze:
1.5 Vodquila, 4 Oz Cranberry Juice .5 Oz Ruby Red Grape Fruit Juice.
All Ingredients Shake Well in Ice Shaker, Strain in a Collins Glass Over Ice, Lime Wedge.

It all began with Birmingham-area resident and business owner Chander Arora and his daughter Nina.

Settling in for the evening, Chander was mixing some of his favorite cocktails. Around this time, Nina walked over to chat and catch up with her dad. Chander and Nina were discussing her upcoming schoolwork when she started paying attention to her dad's cocktail concoctions.

Being the creative type, Nina began brainstorming of other mixes for her dad. She and Chander spent hours discussing various blend combinations. Finally, they became intrigued with one blend combination - the boldest!

"What about combining two of your favorite liquors, Dad? Vodka and Tequila?"

Eureka! Her dad's knowledge of both of these liquors and the popularity of these separately would make an interesting mix for sure! They didn't just settle for enjoying this mix themselves. No. Chander and Nina realized that these two popular drinks, if distilled correctly, should be one smooth, bold blend that everyone could enjoy.

And there you have it, Vodquila was born! This beverage is now available for purchase in select states.

It's time that you enjoyed the best of both drinks! So ask for Vodquila!