Abacus Distributing distributes Wine, Liquor, Specialty Beers and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Since 2010, we have been based in Southbridge, Massachusetts.  In January 2013, we began preparations to move into our new location on Mill Street in Southbridge.   With a bigger facility, Abacus is now able to continue to expand our portfolio.


Abacus Distributing has grown tremendously over the last three years.  We have sought out and found brands that have been well recieved by consumers. The products that we seek to represent are generally made by family owned companies.  We like to be passionate about the products in our portfolio.  From representing a chianti producer, who is a father, son and daughter team, to one of the oldest tequila producers in Mexico, We look for quality and a strong bond from the companies that we represent.


Quality and value are the cornerstones of the brands in our portfolio.  Enjoy your visit to our website!

Abacus Distributing cannot sell to the general public.  If you are a consumer based in Massachusetts, please contact your local liquor store so they may assist you.

With years of experience in the wine and spirits industry, we have been able to find the best products from each region that we represent.


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