We are a beverage wholesaler representing Wine, Liquor, Beer, and Sake  Based in Southbridge, Mass has afforded us the ability to service the entire Commonwealth.  From our award winning Dutchcraft Vodka to Jinro Soju, We have the diversity and depth of brands to assist customers in their needs.

Our Top Selling Brands
1) Dutchcraft Vodka - Award Winning Vodka from Holland
2) Oliver Winery 
3) Don Ramon 100% Agave Tequila
4) Prestige Wines - Imported from the Rhone Valley
5) J Seeds Apple Cider Whiskey - California
6) Mi Amore Wines - Imported from Italy
7) Old Monk Rum - India
8) Geno's Pinot Grigio - Imported from Italy
9) Tattoo Girl - Wines from Washington State
10)Yaegaki Sake - California

With over 300 brands and more arriving every day, we have find interesting brands to sell.  Whether an artisinal gin from France or tequila from the Highlands of Mexico, our portfolio offers it. 

Abacus Distributing cannot sell to the general public.  If you are a consumer based in Massachusetts, please contact your local liquor store so they may order the products for you.